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Beijing Air Quality 2015 to 2017Beijing is notorious for having poor air quality. During our first year of living here, I wrote a blog post about the assumptions I held about the air quality and compared them to the reality I found after moving here. We’ve been here for two and a half years now, and each year, the air quality has improved dramatically. You can see evidence of this by looking at this graphic made by a friend using an air visual app.

Winter is usually the the worst time of year because of all the coal that is burned for heating. When it started to get cold this year, I braced myself for those high AQI days that accompany the cold winter, but they never came. I was feeling pretty proud of China and the new policies they were implementing for cleaning up the air—the results of which were clear. But then I read that China made those changes knowing it would leave a part of their population without any heat during the winter. Justine Lopez writes about it in this article for ThatsBeijing.

New Year’s Resolutions and Goal Setting:

I’ve never been one (until this year) to post new year’s resolutions. It seems like most of the new year’s resolutions blog posts I read in January have mile-long lists of resolutions that aren’t SMART goals and are so vague that one would ever know if or when they have been achieved. There are a lot of blogs out there that offer advice on making goals, but I like the chatty, friendly voice of Alyssa when she gives her two-cents on making January resolutions. Read what she has to say here.

And, also related to goal-setting, I love what Michelle at the Green Study has to say about the difference it made in her life to think small when setting goals. All those small changes add up to big results in the end. Read her bits of wisdom here.


Also goal related, but focused on writing, Nathaniel at the Juggling Writer suggests some worthy goals for writers to add to their list. I don’t agree with him when he says that you should “Forget the stupid cliche shit like ‘I’m going to write every day’ and ‘I’m going to finish and publish my novel.’” (I’m not about to give up my daily word count goals or ignore my strategy for getting my novel done otherwise I wouldn’t be writing at all.) But I do love his other suggestions, and I completely agree these suggestions are worth adding to a list of writerly goals.

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  1. I clicked and read that China article about coal, etc. Sad! Frost-bitten children! My goodness. Glad they reinstated coal for those people who hadn’t gotten natural gas yet. So weird that China is behind on these energy resources. I would’ve thought they’d be more advanced, but clearly I don’t know much. Thank you for enlightening me.

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  2. Thank you very much for the reading recommendations. I am glad to see that the air quality is improving. I was unaware of the cost, though – very sad while enlightening.

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