Vinpearl Safari and Conservation Park, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Safari Park Entrance

The day my family spent at Vinpearl Safari and Conservation Park was probably my favorite day in Phu Quoc, and we almost decided to skip this attraction completely. I’m so glad we decided to go.

I started the day disappointed that our original plans were canceled. We didn’t intend to go to the Safari Park because, despite the good reviews, we watched some unimpressive YouTube videos that made it look like a rather mediocre zoo. Yes, it is a zoo (and my family has been to a number of zoos), but it’s not mediocre by any means.

The day started cool, and with such strong wind that we didn’t want to get wet or do anything on a boat in the ocean. We thought that going to the Phuong Vi Restaurant and kayaking on the Cua Can River would be a great way to spend the day, but when we arrived, we saw that the river wasn’t sheltered from the wind like we assumed it would be. The water was rough enough that kayaking would be pretty miserable, so we changed plans and went to the zoo instead.

The Petting Zoo

There are two separate Vinpearl parks in Phu Quoc. One of them, Safari Park, is a zoo. The other is an amusement park. (I’ll write about the amusement park in another post.) These two Vinpearl parks (the zoo and the amusement park) are next to each other, but far away from the more popular parts of Phu Quoc island where most other restaurants and recreational options are located.


We stayed in Duong Dong town during our visit to Phu Quoc. (I talked about the resorts we stayed at in this post.) There is a free bus that stops at several resorts in Duong Dong town. The free bus is an easy and convenient way to get there and back from Duong Dong town. We didn’t know about the free bus when we left that morning. In a taxi that left from Duong Dong town, it cost 375,000 VND (about 15 USD) and took about 45 minutes. We took the free bus back and it took about an hour.

The Bus Schedule from Duong Dong Town to Vinpearl

The Bus Schedule from Duong Dong Town to Vinpearl

The zoo is open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm every day. Tickets into the zoo for adults was 600,000 VND (about 26 USD), and 500,000 VND (about 22 USD) for kids from 1.0 to 1.4 meters. Children under 1.0 meter are free. You can also pay more to get a combination ticket that will get you into both the zoo and the amusement park, but the combination tickets are only valid for one day. My kids are young enough that we can only do so much in one day before they are completely exhausted, so I was happy to forego the combination ticket and spread the two Vinpearl parks over two separate days.

Feeding the Elephants

There are also free lockers right before entering the safari park which is especially handy for those doing both parks in one day. (There’s no need to carry swimming suits and pool stuff around the zoo, right?)

The zoo itself was a lot of fun. There is a large section that you walk through to see all the animals, and another section that can only be accessed by riding in a bus. My family had the most fun wandering around the walking section. There are a three different aviaries and a couple exhibits where interaction with the animals is allowed. We got to feed the elephants and the lemurs. Feeding them was a highlight for my kids, especially my five-year-old girl who really goes nuts for animals.

Feeding the Lemurs

There is an animal show that (weather permitting) runs once in the morning every day. It also runs in the afternoon everyday except Tuesday and Wednesday. We missed the animal show because we were there on a Wednesday and didn’t realize the morning show was our only option.


There are also three decent restaurants located inside the zoo. I was so relieved to see real food options inside the park. I get pretty frustrated when I go to amusement parks (like Disneyland—Hong Kong) where the only options for food are French fries and hot dogs or other varieties of deep-fried food. When we were here, I was able to get stir-fried bok choy and tofu and steamed rice.

By the end of the day, I was actually glad our original plans didn’t work out. Vinpearl Safari Land was a great family outing for us. I highly recommend for families with children who are visiting Phu Quoc.

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