The Best Place for Families to Stay in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) City

Saigon Street. Featured Image.

Okay . . . So there are thousands of places to stay in Ho Chi Minh City, so I can’t say the best . . . but this place was pretty darn spectacular for my family. I’d give Riverside Apartments a full recommendation to any other family traveling to Ho Chi Minh City.

I’m a writer. I’m accustomed to spending quiet days at home, staring at my computer, dreaming up imaginary people and writing their stories. When I go out and about anywhere (even the shopping mall . . . or the grocery story . . . or, well, any crowded social gathering), I usually find myself on sensory overload. Now, putting myself onto the extremely chaotic streets of Southeast Asia . . . especially Vietnam . . . let’s just say I was thankful for the oasis that Riverside Apartments was for us.

City Street

Calling Ho Chi Minh City chaotic is an understatement. But in An Phu, District 2, tucked next to the Saigon River, is an expat community called Riverside. It’s a compound of several low-rise apartment buildings with living options ranging in size from one to five bedrooms. Most families living in Riverside are expats who reside in Ho Chi Minh City and live at Riverside year-round, but Riverside also has a number of apartments available for short-term stays. My family paid about 96 USD a night for a two bedroom apartment.

City Street

The best part about Riverside was it was more like a home than a hotel. We came to Ho Chi Minh after having spent a week in Phu Quoc and eating at restaurants and whatnot. I was ready to do my own laundry. And to go grocery shopping and fix my own meals. I wanted to have a Christmas that didn’t feel totally like spending Christmas in a hotel room. Riverside delivered on exactly what I was hoping for.

Riverside has a number of services offered to guests. We used their laundry services, airport transfers, and shuttles to and from District 1.

Riverside offers shuttle bus transfers to District 1 and to supermarkets, but the best option is to use the boat. Because it is right on the Saigon River, there is a boat shuttle that can take guests to District 1. Using the boat was a nice way to avoid a bus or Uber ride, especially for me and Daughter who get car sick in the stop-and-go city traffic. It takes about twenty minutes to get to District 1 on the boat.

Riverside Shuttle Boat

If my family ever comes back to Ho Chi Minh City, we’ll be coming back to stay at Riverside.

Getting Around Ho Chi Minh City:

One of the most important discoveries we made here was that Uber is the easiest way to get from point A to point B. We bought a SIM card with 10 GB of 4G data usage for about ten dollars. This was definitely worth it, since we used data for Uber and for Apple Maps as we were finding our way around.

A Great Place to Eat:

We ate at a lot of restaurants while we were in Vietnam, and we depended on the rating system in Trip Advisor to decide where to go. During our two-and-a-half weeks we stayed in Vietnam, we ended up being unimpressed with a number of restaurants that got very high reviews, but we also found a few treasures. Baba’s Kitchen was definitely one of the best and it definitely deserved the its high rating in Trip Advisor. My family eats a lot of Indian food, and this place is among our all-time favorite Indian restaurants.

Baba's Kitchen

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