The Short Version:

Lonna grew up in Michigan but has lived in Asia since 2005. She currently resides in Beijing with her husband and two children. She taught middle school for thirteen years and now spends her days writing YA fiction and taking care of her family.

This blog records tips and musings about reading, writing, travel, and everyday life as an expat in Beijing.

Family Picture

The Long Version:

My Family


Lonna was born in Michigan, the youngest of four kids.



Alma Graduation


She attended college where she developed a love for Jesus and for travel.


Lonna at a Korean Pagoda


Lonna received her teacher certification planning to teach at international schools. (She saw it as a ticket to travel the world and get paid.) After teaching in the US for three years, she moved to Korea, assuring her family that she would return to Michigan in two years.


Jon at our wedding

Jon SillyThis is her hubby. He is the second biggest love of her life (the first is and will always be Jesus). They met in Korea, and he’s the reason why her two-years-in-Korea plan didn’t quite work out.


Mom, Graham, and Newborn Ellie


She has two children. Even though they are so little and inexperienced with the world, Lonna still somehow manages to learn something new from them every single day.



Lonna ended up staying in Korea for ten years, at which point she and her family felt like it was time to move on. They moved to Beijing, China in July, 2015.

Family Picture in China

The move to China meant that Lonna could take a break from teaching for a while and focus on helping her family transition to life in a new country. Taking time out of the classroom also allowed Lonna to renew her passion for writing and pursue goals which she had put on hold after her children were born. She’s really excited to see where her new pursuits might take her.